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What we do think of vandalism?

We absolutely hate those who feel the need to vandalise these historic sites, the places we explore are time capsules from days gone past when Britain was at war, we should treasure these sites and remember the fallen.

Do we get permission?

If the land is private then we also seek permission to access the land, we remove any location data to protect the land owner. We do not condone trespassing or breaking and entering sites. If the land is public then there is no need to get permission.

How do we find these historic sites to explore?

Many of the sites we have first shared are in our local area, growing up we learned where they were. The sites further a field we do research or fans send us locations which they believe would be good to document before it’s too late.

We do not share any locations, as unfortunately there are those who vandalise these sites.

Why do we document these sites?

We document these historic sites as many of them are in dis-repair and left forgotten about. Before we know it there will not be many sites to explore as they would’ve either been bulldozed over for a new housing estate or sealed forever.

Why do we wear camouflage clothing?

We started wearing camouflage clothing as it’s rather cheap and you can pick up a variety of different uniforms from military surplus shops. The clothing is very hard wearing which helps us when exploring, it also gives the video a unique look as in our videos we are usually exploring war related sites so it blends in well.

Will you explore with me?

As much as I love meeting fans it’s not possible to meet every single fan, we also have day-to-day jobs so it’s a very hectic schedule. If you have a historic site you think would be worth while exploring near you then contact me on any of my social feeds or by email.

What equipment do we use?

  • Sony Action Camera X3000 (Underground Filming)
  • Canon 77D (Vlogs and aboveground filming)
  • We also use a DJI Osmo, DJI Mavic Pro, GoPro 5 & 6 Black
  • We use a selection of different OLight Torches

How do I report an error with the website?

If you experience an issue with the website, please email us at [email protected] Please provide screenshots if possible and any error codes.

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